Main Conference Pricing: $449
Group Pricing Groups of 5 or more receive $200 off the total cost, and groups of 10 or more receive $400 off the total cost. You must register all at once in order to get the group discount. Send this link to your friends and colleagues and gather their information so that, when you register, you can secure the group discount!

Pre-Conference Workshop Pricing On Monday, July 10, from 8:30-11:30, on site at the school, enjoy one of these wonderful workshops (details below).
Price: $30

Entrance, Enchant, and Engage! with La Maestra Loca™ - This workshop will explore the single most engaging activity La Maestra Loca uses to provide input for her students! The #1 thing they beg for everyday!
AuthRes for Any Level? Yes, You Can! with JJ Epperson - Join JJ as she demystifies ACTFL's core practice of guided learning through interpreting authentic resources.
Discover the Voces Our Story Curriculum with Kara Jacobs - Kara demonstrates how to capitalize on the Voces interactive features and tap into the compelling stories, videos, and other resources within the Our Story titles!

Lunch Pricing Pre-purchased lunch covers three lunches: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Price: $60

Once the menu is known, we will notify you. We are able to provide a vegetarian and gluten-free option. If you have other dietary restrictions, please take care of your own lunches.

Exhibitor Pricing If you're interested in exhibiting at the CI Summit, learn about the pricing, see the exhibitor schedule, and apply to register here.
Need help registering? Contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-848-0256
Looking to Earn Credit for Attending the Conference? Earn Graduate-Level Semester Credit with The CI Summit and University of the Pacific
 - Pay only $62 per semester credit
 - Learn more and register here.
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